New ENTERPRISINGWRITER.COM Web Site Supports Independent Authors, Publishers, and Entrepreneurs

Thanks for contacting me.

But you’ve come in a side door.

My front door is where I’m actively building a web site to serve authors interested in establishing their financial and creative independence through self- and hybrid-publishing.

You are invited to visit there now – because the site is active even during its construction. My posts there are about the process of a newbie building an author web site (using WordPress tools, including its 2012 Theme) and about the permanent work of (its dedicated service to authors, publishers and entrepreneurs.)

Your comments, advice and/or questions will be welcome interruptions to rigors of construction.


If you are reading this blog post after November 30, 2014, then is fully functional and active. Go there or, if you prefer, go to, which is my Amazon Author Central page – and which I’m sure to keep current, as well. 

Let’s get acquainted:

My background is in small press publishing, law, and economic development. I also have experience in self- and hybrid-publishing and see the benefits of working independently though, occasionally, in collaboration with traditional publishers.

Instead of retiring at age 65, I started and began writing and publishing a series of Enterprising Writer Books to help authors who may be strong creatively but who are weak or inattentive to their business interests.

In September the first book in the series, WRITE-LIVELIHOOD: How to Craft a Writer’s Business Plan, was published as an Amazon Kindle eBook under my Provision House imprint. The web site grows out of that book, intended to continue and build on its service by providing needed infrastructure and tools of value to the independent writing-publishing community.

In addition to writing, I’m interested in speaking on the topic of business plans, entrepreneurship, and better business practices for writers.

I’m interested in serving as an expert source for journalists covering the self- and hybrid-publishing movement.

And I’m interested in collaborating with other authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs.

I’ve served on several nonprofit boards in the past 30 years and may be choose to do so again in the context of professional writing and publishing.

My Twitter handle is @RyanPetty. I participate on Google+ as Ryan Petty.

I’m interested in hearing from and about you.

How can I help?

Please mention this web address in the subject line and write me c/o:

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New ENTERPRISINGWRITER.COM Web Site Supports Independent Authors, Publishers, and Entrepreneurs